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Airports snowtam decoder

Decoding a SNOWTAM is something most of us don’t do on a regular basis. Therefore, it makes sense to have a tool that helps you decode the report quickly and accurately. Airports has a SNOWTAM decoder available to all its users. In fact,the app gives you 2 options to decode the report. In this article, we will show you how to use both options for Android and iOS.

SNOWTAM decoder for iOS

If decoding from within NOTAMs:

When a SNOWTAM is published within the NOTAMs, Airports will show an extra line which reads “Decode SNOWTAM”. Tap on this option and automatically the app will decode the report for you. The result is published in plain language for easy understanding.

Airportsapp Snowtam in a Notam iOS   Airportsapp Snowtam decoder iOS

If decoding manually:

If the SNOWTAM is part of your pre flight briefing and thus printed (or on a computer screen), you will have to decode it yourself. Within the Airports app there is a Tools section which includes a SNOWTAM decoder. Tap to open this tool. The screen will now show a number of fields each with its own letter. Simply fill in the blanks by transferring the values from your pre flight brief to the relevant field. Then, tap on Done and the decoder will supply you with the report in plain English.

Airportsapp manual Snowtam decoder iOS

SNOWTAM decoder for Android:

If decoding from within NOTAMs:

When your NOTAMs section includes a SNOWTAM, Airports allows you to automatically decode it using the “Decode SNOWTAM” option. A single tap will result in the report being translated into plain English for easy understanding. Snowtam report within Notams Android    Decoded Snowtam Android

If decoding manually:

If your pre-flight briefing pack contains a SNOWTAM, the only way to decode it is by manually entering the values directly into the corresponding fields of the Airports SNOWTAM decoder. This decoder is part of the Tools section within the app. Once the values have been entered, tap the “check mark” button to obtain the plain language version of the report.

Manual Snowtam decoder Android

We hope this article has helped you understand the options available to you for decoding a SNOWTAM. We also provide a Runway State Decoder as part of Airports. You can find more information on this tool here.

How often do you use the SNOWTAM decoder? Has it made your pre-flight preparations more efficient and less time consuming during winter ops?  

(Screenshots for iOS were made on a iPhone 5s. Screenshots for Android were made on a Motorola Moto G)

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