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Our database includes over 10000 airports worldwide. However, chances are you’ve come across an airport that wasn’t there. Maybe your home base is missing a runway layout? Or maybe the new RNAV approach is missing from your most frequently visited airport? Our data is based on personal knowledge and what you, our users, tell us. In this article we will go over how to report errors or missing data using our database error report system. We will also review some of the most frequently reported issues.

How to use the database error report system

Our database error report system consists of 2 options. You can either report missing/erroneous data via the support page on our website or via the link in the app as shown below:

Database error report page iOS           Database error report Android

It is important that you send us accurate and complete information. This is so that we can quickly and efficiently update the database and supply you with the latest information on a regular basis.

Here’s an example of a vague report:

  • EHAM (multi runway airport): the length is wrong.

Here is the same report done right:

  • EHAM (multi runway airport) : new runway length 18R is 3800 meters

Detailed reporting is important for a number of reasons:

  • Data itself can be checked for errors (i.e. misread numbers or typos)
  • Data can be checked for validity (i.e. it is not part of a Notam reporting a temporary change)
  • Data can be updated and sent out quickly

Frequently reported errors

  • Satellite image is out of date: we receive our images from Apple and Google. This means that we are reliant on their data which unfortunately is sometimes out of date.
  • There is no airport runway overview: in order for the app to “draw” the runway overview it needs runway threshold coordinates. Please send us the coordinates with your report, otherwise we have to take an informed, Google-drop-pin guess.
  • Missing approaches for RWY XX: the only way we know about approach types is when you tell us about them. Please remember to specify the runway for the missing approach(es). In the case of ILS approaches it’s always a good idea to add the category (1,2 or 3).
  • My airfield is missing: Send us the ICAO code and add your contact details so that we can ask for more information if we need it. You can also send us a photo of the charts (use the support page for this). If your airport has no ICAO code then we can’t add it to the database at the moment. This is something we are working on.
  • My military base is missing: Send us the ICAO code and add your contact details so that we can ask for more information if we need it. You can also send us a photo of the charts (use the support page for this).
  • Due to temporary WIP the RWY length has changed: anything that is temporary does not get changed.
  • The ICAO code for ABCD had changed to EFGH: Airports get renamed or moved and sometimes that results in a new ICAO code. This is usually not an issue. However, there are areas where there are disputes over who owns land and therefore who owns the airports on it. We remain neutral in these cases. We simply check what ICAO recognises and what country supplies the weather and Notam information for these airports.

Database error report v. support request

As mentioned above, errors in airport data or missing information can be reported in 2 ways. Please do not use the database error report to report problems with the app itself. The reason for this is that the database error report system does not supply us with any information which allows us to get in touch with you. When you are experiencing a problem with the app we need to be able to send you the solution, so please only use the support page for this.

If there was one item of data you would like to see added to the airport database, what would it be?



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